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Gabbit was built on Two Principles

  1. Provide the SMB market a robust and reliable phone service at the preferred rates enterprise businesses enjoy.
  2. Deliver white glove customized phone service with EVERY feature included at the industry's lowest price.

Let's face it,

The big phone companies, cable providers and other VoIP companies favor the largest customers.

Small and Mid-size businesses like yours pay higher rates and receive poor customer service. Gabbit will save you a lot of money (we guarantee at least 10% but on average our customers save 40%) and deliver something you’ve never seen: abundant features customized to meet your business’ needs coupled with personal service. We must be on to something because businesses are switching to Gabbit every day. Schedule and appointment NOW and discover the difference Gabbit can make to your business.

Saving Money is Easy

  1. Per User $10
  2. Per Line $25
  3. Virtual Fax $10
  4. Toll Free* $10
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No nickel and diming here! We don’t have tiered pricing. Our low prices include all of the enterprise features of our competitors’ most expensive plans. There are no additional taxes – they’re all included.

Isn’t it about time a phone company offered WYSIWYG pricing?


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Gabbit delivers the industry’s highest reliability along with enterprise class features. We don’t skimp on anything. Plus, we provide 24x7 U.S. based customer service. SMBs should expect nothing less! Want to know more?

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Need customer support?

Follow the below steps. Steps 1 & 2 solve most problems.

  1. Is your Internet connection working? If not, call your ISP. Otherwise go to step 2.
  2. Power cycle (i.e. re-boot) your Internet router and Gabbit device. Are your phones working afterwards? If not, go to step 3.
  3. Call 855-5-GABBIT or open a Support Ticket.
  4. Help is on the way 24/7.