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Learn Why Gabbit Is the Best VoIP Service

Businesses need phone service. That’s simple enough. You need a way for your customers to easily contact you, while your employees need to be able to contact each other and handle new leads.

Whether you’re new to buying small business phone service or you have an existing PBX, there’s a solution for you.

The best way to handle phone calls is with VoIP phone service.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which essentially means you’re making voice calls over high-speed internet. Voice over IP has plenty of advantages over regular phone service; the biggest one is that calls are either free or incredibly cheap.

To cut down on costs, increase communication between your employees and for your customers, and experience new features that traditional phone service will charge you for, your small business should turn to VoIP.

There are dozens of small business VoIP service providers offering VoIP calling plans for you to choose from, and deciding which service is best for you can be overwhelming.

Keep reading to learn about VoIP features you should know about and how to choose the best VoIP service available.

VoIP Features That Small Businesses Love

As we mentioned, VoIP has many advantages. Here’s what you can expect from a VoIP provider that keeps your small business needs in mind.

Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers

When you choose traditional landline phone services, you’ll naturally get a local number. But some VoIP systems don’t necessarily provide you with one.

Gabbit will always give you a phone number with your city’s area code, so your customers can feel comfortable and confident about getting in touch. You also have the option of keeping the phone number that you already have.

Need toll-free to encourage long-distance customers across the country to call in? Gabbit can give you that too.

Crystal Clear Call Quality

Ten years ago, calling over the internet or wifi often meant dealing with pixelated Skype video conferencing. Now, VoIP companies offer the highest call quality available.

Unlimited Calling

Never worry about phone minutes again with a VoIP phone system. With Gabbit, you get unlimited calling within the lower 48 and Canada.

Gabbit also offers international calling so you’re connected around the globe.

Find Me/Follow Me

Find Me/Follow Me are two technologies that allow call forwarding. This allows an incoming call to be redirected to another free number, including a mobile phone.

Take business phone calls no matter where you are to make sure you’re always in touch.


“Press 1 for…” Auto-attendant is a term that describes what happens when you call a business and hear a voice menu that allows you to press a number to be connected to various departments or extensions.

Save money and time by having an auto-attendant answer your calls.

Mobile App

Small business owners are busy. That’s why we offer a mobile app, sometimes called a softphone app, for Android and iPhone for all of your extensions.

Receive and make business calls right from your cell phone.

Low Cost

The biggest reason for switching to VoIP for small businesses is the opportunity to lower your phone bill. If you have a landline phone plan for your home phone, you know how expensive and confusing those bills are. When you’re with VoIP, you’ll save money every single month.

Other Popular VoIP Features (That You’ll Always Get with Gabbit)

The features above are just the basic essentials most small businesses expect from their phone provider. But Gabbit didn’t become the best VoIP provider on the market by stopping there.

Here’s a selection of just some of the features Gabbit offers.

  • Routing and scheduling (popular in call centers!)
  • Customizable hold music
  • Web management
  • Continuity of service – even when you lose internet connection
  • Caller ID
  • Call recording
  • Call parking
  • Conference calling
  • Group voicemail
  • Multiple phone lines
  • Remote/virtual office
  • Virtual number
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Live, local customer support 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee

Let us show you how Gabbit is the VoIP solution you’ve been looking for.

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