What is Gabbit?

Gabbit is a VoIP phone service for small businesses.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a way to make voice calls over high-speed internet. It is an alternative to traditional landlines. Learn more about how VoIP works here.

How does Gabbit work?

Gabbit calls are connected through your internet connection to our network switch (we have redundant data centers that ensure access) using cutting-edge VoIP phone technology.  All calls are routed over our nationwide, fiber optic network via our partnership with the largest fiber-optic network companies in the U.S.

What features does Gabbit offer?

Gabbit offers over 100 of the best features in the VoIP phone service business.

  • Calling? Unlimited plan (in the lower 48 and Canada).
  • Call recording, forwarding, transferring? Of course.
  • Conference calling—even over video? Always.
  • Crystal-clear voice quality? On every single call.

See a full list of our features here.

How much does Gabbit cost?

Gabbit is $35 per line per month. All fees and taxes are included!

My current phone bill says I’m only paying $24.99. How is Gabbit cheaper?

Not so fast! Other VoIP service providers advertise their base price, making them seem like an excellent deal. But when you add in all the other fees, taxes, and services you’re paying for, you’ll see your total monthly bill is much higher than that $24.99!

Many other VoIP service providers advertise low monthly rates, but check out the fine print. Those rates are not for customers with a couple of lines…They don’t kick in until 20+ lines are bought. And none offer personal 1-on-1 setup and in-person training at your business.

Gabbit charges $35 a line per month and nothing more. Learn more about our pricing here.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Never! We don’t believe in them (unlike some of our competitors) and it definitely motivates us to provide great service month after month.  With many of our competitors, you’re under contract but just don’t know it.

Gabbit doesn’t trap you with fine print.

How many phone numbers do I get?

You can get as many as you want! At only $35 per line, you’ll be able to afford the high-quality voice and video calls you’ve been looking for.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Of course! In fact, you own it! The 1996 Federal Communications Act guarantees you keep your number when you move it to a new provider.

Do I need to buy new phones?

Definitely not.  We can usually adapt your current phones to our service, even if you have a PBX.  However, we will let you know if it makes sense for you to get new equipment (and we’ll sell it to you at wholesale).

If you want to buy new phones, you can see our business phone gear here.

What is the set-up like?

Whether you want to buy new phones or keep your current phones, we can work with you. We know the process can sound daunting, but give us a call and we’ll let you know what to expect – no strings attached!

What kind of internet do I need?

You can use the same broadband or high-speed internet service that you already use.

A typical call uses about 44 kilobytes of data, but the average internet connection can handle a minimum of 4 megabytes! This means you can make 100+ calls at the same time… And we’re guessing you don’t do that too often!

If my internet goes down, will my phones go down too?

Nope. We offer continuity of service, which ensures that your calls are automatically transferred to your cell phone until your internet service is restored. You’ll never miss a call!

We also offer other affordable backup internet plans that ensure you’re always connected.

Does Gabbit have early termination fees?

No way! Since we don’t have contracts, we work with our customers from month to month. No early termination fees here.

Does Gabbit have a softphone app?

Of course! Our softphone mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices and works on every wireless carrier.

How do I switch phone companies?

We’re so glad you asked! We love new customers. Switching carriers is easy with Gabbit.

First, give us a call. We can explain our features, benefits, and pricing to you—and show you how much you can save when you unbundle your phone and internet and move to Gabbit’s VoIP service.

Once you commit to moving forward, we’ll set up your new account and discuss hardware options. Whether you want to buy new phones or use your old phones, we’ll explain how we set everything up.

We have local installers everywhere who will come to you to set up your new service. After they set up the hardware, our installers will give you and your employees personal training on the Gabbit system and how to use VoIP in your office. If you choose to use the softphone app, we can even show you how to do that on your own devices. They’ll be able to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues that may pop up as you start using your new plan.

Oh, and good news: You don’t have to contact your current carrier. Your Gabbit service representative will do 100% of the heavy lifting to transfer your number for you!

How do I contact Gabbit?

We are available every business day to answer your questions about Gabbit’s features and pricing, how to switch phone companies, and any other questions you have.

Give us a call at 855-542-2248 or fill out our form below!

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Need customer support?

Follow the below steps. Steps 1 & 2 solve most problems.

  1. Is your Internet connection working? If not, call your ISP. Otherwise go to step 2.
  2. Power cycle (i.e. re-boot) your Internet router and Gabbit device. Are your phones working afterwards? If not, go to step 3.
  3. Call 855-5-GABBIT or open a Support Ticket.
  4. Help is on the way 24/7.