Gabbit vs. Vonage

Best features. Lowest price. Guaranteed.

Vonage is a popular name in VoIP and it’s easy to see why—with a wide range of features and their advanced tier pricing sitting under $40 (before taxes and fees, of course), it seems like a great deal. Unfortunately, a lot of those incredibly popular features—like call recording, visual voicemail, and even local numbers—are pricey add-on features.

We don’t think you should have to pay more (plus additional taxes and fees) to get just some of what Gabbit already offers. Skip the tiers and add-ons. Get everything your small business needs for one, low, all-in fee. And yes, our price includes taxes and fees.

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Pricing & Fees

Tiered Pricing that Limits FeaturesAll Features Included for One Low Price!

No Contracts


Software Integrations

Not on Basic Plans100+ Supported

Local Technicians


Unlimited Calling


24/7 Live Support


Smartphone Application


Get a better deal – switch to Gabbit.

You shouldn’t have to choose which features you get based on your budget. Business is hard enough. Don’t spend more money working with less. Get in touch with Gabbit’s live, local customer representatives today to learn how you can save money, get the features you need, and put your focus back where it needs to be: on your customers.

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Need customer support?

Follow the below steps. Steps 1 & 2 solve most problems.

  1. Is your Internet connection working? If not, call your ISP. Otherwise go to step 2.
  2. Power cycle (i.e. re-boot) your Internet router and Gabbit device. Are your phones working afterwards? If not, go to step 3.
  3. Call 855-5-GABBIT or open a Support Ticket.
  4. Help is on the way 24/7.