Ooma Phones

Ooma is a VoIP phone service that also has its own handset: the Ooma Telo.

The Ooma Telo is an interesting combination of VoIP phone and telephone service company. You can purchase the Ooma Telo, connect it to your high-speed internet service and analog phones and start unlimited calling immediately.

Find out the main features, pros, and cons of using the Ooma Telo VoIP phone.

Main Features of Ooma Telo

The Ooma Telo is a desktop phone that supports two phone lines and other basic services for small businesses.

Its features include:

  • Unlimited calling in the United States
  • Caller ID
  • Answering machine and online voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Speakerphone
  • Redial
  • Online call logs
  • Programmable speed dialing
  • Wifi-compatible

Pros of the Ooma Telo

1. It’s low cost. There’s no monthly fee for unlimited, nationwide calling.

The Ooma service has a reputation for being budget-friendly for a reason: They do not charge a monthly fee. After purchasing the Telo device for a one-time fee and get a phone number, you’re ready to go. It’s a cheap option for people just getting into the VoIP phone service market or for those who want to save money on their small business phone system.

2. You get good sound quality, especially for the price.

You might think that the Ooma device wouldn’t have crystal-clear call quality considering you don’t have a monthly fee, but you’d be wrong! The Telo utilizes PureVoice HD technology to give you issue-free calling. Assuming you have a stable high-speed internet connection, you likely will not experience interruptions, fuzziness, or poor voice quality.

3. It’s compatible with other phones.

Out of the box, the Telo device is compatible with most other phones. So if you already have a VoIP phone or you just want to purchase different low-cost phones from other VoIP providers, the phones will work together.

4. It’s easy to use and to set up.

Ooma utilizes a simple web interface and smartphone apps to make it easy for you and your employees to get started both at the office and on your cell phones. The Telo comes with two mobile apps plus an online portal at no extra cost. You’ll be able to see your phone call logs and configure settings easily.

5. You can get a new phone number or use your old one.

Ooma allows for easy porting of old phone numbers with the added benefit of being completely free. Some VoIP providers won’t allow you to use your old number without paying an additional fee. On the other hand, if you’re setting up a new or second line and need a new number, that’s easy to do too.

Drawbacks of the Ooma Telo

1. It’s not compatible with a lot of VoIP phone systems.

Yes, the Telo can work with other phones, but with other phone services? Not so much. Ooma sells the Telo to work with their own phone service. If you want a service that has more features (more on this next), the Telo may not be your best bet.

2. The features are extremely limited—unless you pay extra.

The basic plan with zero monthly fees may come with more than you’d expect for such a low cost, but Ooma also offers a premier service option that gives you access to the features most users will want. The basic features we listed above are just on the basic plan. If you want the following features, you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month:

    • Call forwarding and transfer
    • Three-way conference calls
    • Second line
    • International calling (to Mexico and Canada)
    • Do Not Disturb mode
    • Voicemail monitoring
    • Multi-ring capabilities

If you’re looking for a true landline replacement, the Ooma Telo might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Your unlimited calling plan might not actually be unlimited.

While Ooma advertises unlimited inbound and outbound calling within the United States, there are situations where you can run into limits. They reserve the right to limit users to 5,000 outgoing call minutes per month. While it’s typically an unenforced limit, it’s still something to keep in mind.

The most common reason for limiting customers is when a customer uses an Ooma home phone service for commercial reasons. The best way to avoid being limited is to choose a dedicated Ooma office service for your small business.

4. Their customer service can leave something to be desired.

Many user reviews have complained about Ooma’s customer service. While the easy set-up and basic features might mean you never need to contact them if something does go wrong, struggling to get an answer from outsourced service call centers may be incredibly frustrating.

Ooma isn’t like other phone manufacturers, since they’re a bit of a VoIP service provider themselves.

While you can certainly save money on your phone bill with the Ooma Telo device, we recommend finding a VoIP provider that gives you all of Ooma’s advertised features (basic and premium) for one, low, all-inclusive rate—like Gabbit!

Find out about more available devices that are compatible with Gabbit here.

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